Welcome to Bitach Capital Management International, Inc.

Bitach Capital Management Inc. is a multi asset class Firm that purchases and manages portfolios of consumer distressed assets. Bitach Capitalcurrently manages over $4 Billion in receivables ranging from Healthcare receivables, Charged off Credit Card accounts, Overdraft Accounts, and Personal Lines of Credit. The Firm's expertise encompasses all aspects of the industry which include Sourcing purchases from the most respected Banks and Healthcare facilities in the US, as well as Liquidation and Collections both On and Off shore driven by analytics and alternative methods.Bitach Capital's client base is made up of Large Hedge Funds and Institutions, Small Investment Groups and high net worth individuals.

Bitach Capital's Headquarters are in Jerusalem Israel with offices throughout the US and the world, with a full service inhouse call center owned and operated by The Firm to service its investments.Bitach Capital prides itself on producing results to its Clients and creating unique opportunistic investments with an emphasis on Trust, Integrity and Transparency.

Bitach Capital Management is a member of the Bitach Family of companies.
To learn more, visit www.bitach.com