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Bitach Fund IV, LLC - Details
Bitach Fund, IV, LLC is a $15 Million private equity raise, specifically focused in the distressed debt sector. Management charges a 5% initial fee on capital for first year and 2% per year thereafter. Management will also take a upside fee of 20% after a hurdle rate of 8% annually. Investor capital accounts are frozen for 36 months. Minimum investment is $250,000 and all investors must be accredited. The term of the fund is 7 years and will be liquidated at that time. Management is projecting returns in the mid teen's compounded over the 7 years annually. For a copy of the PPM and Operating agreement, please contact Management at info@bitachcapital.com

Harmony Asset Fund - Details
The Harmony Asset Fund is a private equity corporation that is currently vested at $1 Million Dollars. This corporations main focus is to enroll consumers into Debt Management plans through numerous channels of client acquisition. The company has a fully operational call center that currently services the clients. The company both originates the programs for the clients as well as looks to acquire existing client bases from struggling companies in the Debt Management sector. Management charges a per client management fee of $5 per month per client and 30% of net profits of the corporation. Minimum investment is $100,000. If you would like additional information on this opportunity please contact Management at info@bitachcapital.com


Bitach Israel #1 - Details


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